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Credit and Debit Cards Take Control

According to recent polls, only 24% report that they utilize cash for most of their purchases. Even fewer (53%) individuals report that they utilize cash for more than half of their purchases. The fact that credit cards and debit cards are king and queen means that businesses should invest in technology to allow customers who don’t carry cash to still make a purchase.

So where do EMV card readers come in place?

Massive data breaches that resulted in stolen credit cards have been regularly making headlines over the past few years, so the credit card industry has been working constantly, to build protections that can reduce the amount of credit card fraud.
Thus the creation of EMV Card Readers and Chip protection for both Businesses and Consumers
One of the biggest things you need to know, if you haven’t switched to using EMV card readers for your business yet. Is that if you just slide a chip card, you leave yourself open for chargebacks.

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