John Doe Journalist got Hacked.

John was the kind of guy that used the same email for everything. [email protected]

First Goal: Get into his email.

Hacker goes to Gmail and clicks forgot password, which asks to confirm Recovery Address.

Recovery j*** Alright so now onto the next step!

Attacker calls apple. Apple wants email, name, billing address, and last 4 on card.

The attacker uses for billing address or to look up Johns personal information.

Attacker assumes first part of the email is the same as Gmail email as they look similar and most people commonly keep their accounts the same.

Attacker goes to Amazon tech support. Says I need to add a credit card to my account to make purchases. To add a credit card number they need: First, Last name, Billing address, and Card

Contact Amazon again, say you can’t get in can you reset the password. Using the information just recently provided the attacker is able to receive a temporary password

Now with access to Amazon, the attacker goes to saved payment methods and now takes all the last 4 of cards on file.

Now he calls back apple and uses the gathered information to reset icloud account for access…

Finally, the hacker uses Icloud to reset and wipe all devices with Icloud Find my Iphone/Device

Now with access to icloud is able to reset Gmail account password.

Now with access to Gmail is able to reset and get access to all other website accounts.