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Spartan Remote Monitoring and Management

Protecting Your Business 24/7/365
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With our Spartan RMM program we help businesses increase productivity and profits.

Our Managed Services team provides monitoring and 24-hour support based on your unique strategy and priorities. We’ll help you streamline and connect your systems so that IT isn’t a disruption, but a tool. 

With a partnership mentality, one that’s relational at its core, our team will help you find the best approach to boost your technical capabilities and make downtime a thing of the past.

Hours Monitored Yearly

Days Available

Problems Solved

Phone Call to Make

A Brief Breakdown

Helpdesk Support
Network Security
Virus/Malware Protection
Software Installations
System Updates
Handle ISP Communication
Technology Planning
Third Party Software Support
Just Be There For You
What Comes with a Spartan RMM subscription?

Using a subscription based method to our Spartan RMM, we provide our complete Managed Services to your business.

  • Managed Updates/Patches

  • Managed Anti-Virus

  • 24.7.365 Monitoring

  • 24.7.365 Maintenance

  • 24.7.365 Helpdesk Support

  • Technology Purchasing and Guidance

  • And Much More

  • One Low Monthly Fee

Network Device Add-Ons

Firewalls, Routers, NAS, SAN, Managed switch, and Network Security Appliances and Equipment Coverage Options

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What Does This Mean?

No matter how much time we spend working on technical problems, fixing backup issues, monitoring and preventing cyber security exposures or patching your servers, you only pay one low, flat monthly rate regardless of how much time our team spends catering to your technology needs.

Our Team, Your Success

By leveraging Northern Technology Services, you can focus solely on growing your company; not on managing your technology.

Spartan RMM Combined with Managed Services

As your business changes, your technology needs will, too. From adding equipment to upgrading networks to assessing security, your organization needs to be able to make changes on the fly. A business can only grow as quickly as its technology allows. With a managed IT service provider, you