Protecting Your Password

//Protecting Your Password

Protecting Your Password

Passwords ensure the security and confidentiality of data that is stored on various workstations and servers throughout your business. Some of this data includes financial information and employee names and addresses, social security numbers, and more. It is your responsibility as a user, to make sure that all your account passwords are as difficult to guess as possible.

Did you know that…

A weak password can allow a virus to help worm its way deep into your network Weak passwords are easily deciphered by algorithms that hackers use to gain access to a system, a 2016 poll from Verizon has found 63% of confirmed data breaches involved the usage of weak stolen or default passwords


Choosing the right password

Don’t use…

  • previously employed passwords or variations of them
  • proper names,
  • words from the dictionary,
  • common character sequences such as “123456”, mar2004
  • derivatives of user-IDs,
  • personal details such as variations of your own name, your spouse’s and pet’s names, license plate numbers, social insurance numbers, and birthdates


  • create passwords that are at least 10 characters in length
  • create passwords that are difficult to guess
  • use at least three of: alphabetic, mixed case, numeric and punctuation characters when creating a new password
  • vary the case of the letters such jSno34Rt
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