Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance, why should that seem important for you? We at Northern Technology Services are sure you understand that concept of taking your vehicle in for an oil change and tire rotation every 5000 miles. Taking a visit to see your doctor every 6 months to a year, to help guarantee your health. The same concept goes into play when it comes to the technology that you use to run your business!

Normally you probably think to yourself:
  • It’s on
  • It’s working
  • Everything Is Good
Then when something catastrophic happens, such as freezing, slows down to an almost halt, or just completely crashes, you are get put into CRISIS mode.

5 Preventative Maintenance Tasks!

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Delete Temporary Files
  3. Operate Ant-Virus Scans
  4. Defrag your Hard Drive
  5. Download and Install Updates
Now these steps will help increase your productivity, and profits throughout the workplace by using the preventative maintenance approach to keep your systems running at tip-top performance. If done appropriately this could take anywhere from 1-5hrs a week per machine if you do this manually.  Now if you reviewed one of our recent blogs, What is the Cost of Downtime you will see how this could be important to you and your businesses daily operations.

A Solution for Your Business!

So what if we told you, that the team at Northern Technology Services have a solution to creating a preventative maintenance plan for your business.
The same way as you visit your auto mechanic and doctors office, through the NTS Managed program our Spartan RMM becomes your 24/7/365 concierge computer maintenance device.
This allows the ability to provide the preventative maintenance your business technology needs to stay operating at peak efficiency, reducing your businesses downtime, lowering your risks.

Are You Ready for the Tech Support You Deserve? A Simplified Preventative Maintenance Solution!

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