2020 We Say Goodbye to a Handful of Microsoft Products

So what exactly is happening you ask?

Every product has a life cycle, kind of like your milk in the fridge right now. Although in this case, this is just the pure matter of costs and technological advancement. This lifecycle gets broken down into 3 categories to keep it simple: Mainstream, Extended Support, End of Support.

  1. Mainstream: Includes security updates, at no cost, as well as support, with optional paid updates and support. As well as accepting design requests
  2. Extended Support: Includes security updates at no cost, with paid non-security updates and support
  3. End of Support: No longer receive any updates of any type, nor support

What should you do to be prepared?

Make sure any systems you are using are current within their lifecycle. Microsoft has the products and their lifecycle change date listed on their site

One example of why this is highly important is to make sure your devices are still supported is the example of the WannaCry Cyber-Attack that swept the globe a few years ago. This attack exploited Windows XP devices that were still being used around the world.

A Few Specific Products Reaching End of Life

What Now?

If you haven’t done it yet, schedule an appointment with your IT provider. A full inspection of all equipment should be done to make sure none of your devices are going to be caught off guard. One of the biggest keys we look at is will your existing machines if still on the older OS be compatible with the newer software, as this can cause you a headache after any machine is upgraded. If you haven’t taken care of this yet, we are providing a free on-site system inspection for all of those needing to get upgraded to Windows 10, or Server 2019. Contact us at Northern Technology Services today 231-881-3123 or click here