We Kick Downtime to the Curb

It’s always a love/hate relationship with your internet provider… we have a solution your guaranteed to love!

We have partnered with DATTO a leader in Born in the Cloud Technology, High Performance Business IT Solutions to bring you the DNA. With this ALL-IN-ONE Networking Solution, we combine an enterprise class firewall, edge router, intrusion detection and prevention with fully integrated 4G LTE Internet fail-over! Giving you everything a network needs in one single, compact device!

We simply activate your account, connect your device to your network, and say goodbye to downtime!

Warranty & Support

At Northern Technology Services, we believe in the value of great products and a commitment to simplifying IT. That means 24x7x365 Customer Service and Support. The DNA ships with a three-year warranty… backed by our replacement program. If an issues arises with the device, we provide a new one before sending the damaged device back. That way you are always connected. Powerful, Simplified Solutions. the NTS way.

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