You walk into work at 8:00am, you can’t remember your password to your computer, so you pick up the phone with a quick good morning your tech guy has gotten you into your computer, and helped you come up with a good way to remember your password.

Welcome to a world of service from Northern Technology. Providing you a personalized, fast and friendly approach to tech support. You are not just a client, you are a partner and a member of our family.

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We know the unexpected happens, that is why we work to provide you the best solution for data backup. Whether your data backup needs are basic, or complex, we have a solution to secure your data safely in the cloud. From file only to full bare metal backup and restoration, we can minimize your businesses downtime in case of catastrophe. We have leveraged our partners, and created custom solutions in order to provide you a simplified cost, with exceptional power and security. Our data backup guidelines meet, ISO, PCI Compliance, HIPPA Compliance, and many other compliance’s to give you peace of mind knowing your data is safe for when you need it most.



IT security, means multiple things. Just having Anti-Virus doesn’t mean you are secure. We help secure your business by implementing the right equipment, right software, and the right training and knowledge. Our team is dedicated and focused on your protection, some of the most common things overlooked are missing software updates, lack of firewalls and filtering, as well as general use policies. We work beside you to help implement these things and keep your business secure, and your technology working for you and not against you.


Our Managed IT Services has you covered with proactive maintenance and security, as well as access to our Helpdesk Support. You can rest easy knowing that when it comes to technology, and your business, our team is here for you 110%.

“NTS is very responsive, they make my life easier, my business run smoothly, me and my customers appreciate it.”

Robin Bennett, Sunglass Shoppe - Unique Optics