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Tech Support on the go.

Northern Technology Services has redefined the way to provide IT support throughout Northern Michigan. We have the tools to repair 90% of your problems remotely without you ever leaving your home, or having a tech come visit on site.
Support for Windows

Its the Netflix of computer repair. We have access to the ability to monitor and manage your device, as well as provide you with real time alerts and anti-virus security. When things really get complex support requests are only a button press away and we can remote in and solve the issue so you can get back to using your device as quickly as possible.

Support for Mac

Sometimes even Apple has problems. We are here to assist. Although some of the tools that we can use on Windows are not a possiblity, we are well trained and able to provide you remote support for your Mac devices to help troubleshoot problems, as well as have access to the best Anti-Virus to protect your Apple Product

PC & Mac Repair

Our techs are full of knowledge and experience with both Mac and PC. We actually utilize both operating systems for our day to day business. We can quickly diagnose a problem, and make the repairs necessary to keep your computer going and give you peace of mind.

Virus Removal and Protection

Viruses and Malware come in all different forms. Not only do they cause your machine to not perform properly, but can put you information at risk. We use the top tools in the industry to protect you

Data Transfers/Backup

New Computer? Or don't want to risk losing the data you have already? Our team has you covered. We can transfer your data to you new device and recover information from failed harddrives. If you just want to secure your data and keep it safe in the cloud. We have partnered with Carbonite to provide personal data backup at and affordable cost. We can help you through the process and keep your data secure and available for you to access it.

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On-Site Services

Northern Technology Services provides concierge on-site remote support throughout Northern Lower Michigan. Our technicians arrive in a professional manner and work to the resolve the problems your having, and help you understand using as little "Technical Jargon" as possible. With scheduling availability Monday-Friday 8am-4pm with restrictions to certain Holidays.

Remote Support

Our remote support services are done through our NTS Connect software. As long as you have a good internet connection we can solve roughly 90% of your problems on your PC/Mac remotely. With scheduling availability Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Windows Protection Package

By partnering with RepairTech we are the only Residential Tech Support provider in Northern Michigan capable of providing you with proactive Windows monitoring, and anti-virus, with one click support assistance. Our tools provide you with real time alerts and notifications when we sense something wrong with your PC as well as the security of Anti-Virus. This is available with a monthly subscription starting at $10. Ask us about our advanced packages that can give you 10% off labor, or up to 2 hours free monthly remote support.
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