Greetings from Ross Whitmore, Founder of Northern Technology Services. Be forewarned, what you are about to read might hurt a little.

If you are reading this, then good I are glad to have sparked your interest. It is time to get honest, before you continue reading this, what is your plan if your Server or your computer crashed tomorrow? Be it bursting into a ball of flames, good ol’ hard drive failure, as just a few examples, what is your plan?

Now onto the reality of the world we live in:

  • Hardware will fail

  • People will make mistakes

  • Natural disasters will occur

Why all this you ask? Well I find that (the statistics have been mentioned before in another blog) 140,000 hard drives fail in a week on average, 29% on accident. Statistically that is 5,800 hard drives a day that fail. May the odds be in your favor right?

Have your attention now?

Good! So with that being said, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You have options! There are at least over 50 data backup solutions on the market that I know of. Ranging from simple to highly technical. Some with a flat monthly, per device, blah blah blah. I won’t make you fall asleep, this really isn’t a sales pitch as much as I hope a wake up call. Me and my team see a common ideaology in local research, businesses don’t see why spending the money on cloud backup is worth it IE: What is the value?

So lets take a moment and think, you pay car insurance because it is required by law to have car insurance, have you ever been in an accident thinking at some point prior “This will never happen to me?” That monthly payment and deductible was probably worth it wasn’t it? Remember those 3 bullet points above? Exactly!

EXAMPLE: A referral from a client calls, computer won’t boot on. Tech arrives, assesses device, removes device to offsite for further inspection. Hard drive refuses to register on any tools. Hard drive was then shipped to offsite facility for recovery in a white room lab. Moral of the story, costs came to over $2,000 and nearly 2 weeks without access to the data!

Now in this story, thankfully they had additional insurance for their business that covered the cost of the service. Although, I want you to do the math if this happened to you. Say it was your Server housing all of your user data, customer files, current projects. Time = Money, data backup is worth the investment, and could save your business. Even if it isn’t now, but maybe later.

Now the shameless sales pitch…

If you want to hear about our solutions, or would like some guidance, me and my team at Northern Technology are always here to help. You can read about our personally crafted solution Olympus Backup by clicking the button below. If you mention this post and want to sign up and try it, I will personally set you up with 100GB of storage for free for the first year. No obligations, and no extra space needed to qualify!

As always, we are here to simplify your IT solution!

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