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Why does your business need a Network Assessment?

With our comprehensive Network Discovery tools combined with our professional training and expertise, 
we are able to detect flaws, errors, and risks within your business network before they cripple or shut down your business!
What is the Process?
  1. We run our data collectors on your network

  2. Import the data into our report generator

  3. Generate a full report

  4. Diagnose the information

  5. Locate the key areas that require attention

  6. Discuss and explain the report to you in a simplified manner

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this intrusive?

Our scan is 100% network and hardware data only. We do not access any of your files, documents, or personal information. We guarantee absolute privacy and do provide a NDA prior to even running our scans .

How long does this take?

Depending on the size of your network and overall business IT infrastructure. Our network scans take anywhere from 1-4hrs to complete on average. Overall time to complete our reports after your scan is usually 24-48hrs.

How much does this cost?

While some companies charge $400 to $800 for one scan, our team at NTS cares about your businesses security and offer your first scan free. Managed IT partners qualify for yearly recurring scans, while any additional scans only cost $150. 

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