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The Update on Cyber Threats

7 Types of Cyber Threats to be on the Lookout for!

Every IT provider will tell you the same thing, Small and Medium sized business are not off the radar from Cyber Criminals. According to IBM these attacks cost on average $879,582 for SMB’s.

What Kind of attacks are these you wonder? Well here is a list of 7 to be prepared for!

  • APT: Advanced Persistent Threats where attackers gain unauthorized access and lay in wait before they strike.
  • Phishing: Commonly known as email scams, think Nigerian Prince
  • DDoS: Distributed Denial of Service, where multiple sources target a server or website and overwhelm it with a flood of information to cause it to crash
  • Inside Attacks: Although not also a meaningful thing, these can be caused on accident due to mistakes
  • Malware: Installation of Malicious Software
  • Password Attacks: Where brute force is used with an algorithm to gain access to your accounts or internal network
  • Ransomware: Type of attack where malware locks down and encrypts your data and the attacker requests payment for return. Which may or may not result in a return of your data.

    Read the full article here from our friends at BLACKSTRATUS

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At some point a company has to stop spending resources supporting older products. January 2020 Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 will be added to the list which includes fan favorites such as Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 95 and you get the example. What this means is if your workstations and servers are not up to spec, you will no longer receive updates for your devices. Also included is Office 2010 and Exchange Server 2010. With many others going the way of extended support for the next 5 years.

But it gets better…. Microsoft announced recently, they are going to discontinue with Internet Explorer and Microsoft EDGE completely. They have also had some issues with these products, pertaining to security and reliability. While boasting in the past EDGE was better then Google Chrome, they have decided to rebuild a new browser using Chromium, which is the backbone code from Google used in Chrome. Yes it is a lot to wrap your head around, it appears Microsoft is finally willing to let Google win at least one battle!

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Files seems to multiply and duplicate. How do you clean up the clutter?
Techspot.com has 10+ Tools to help you find and Delete Duplicate Files. Doing this can help you declutter your folders and clear up some space on that Harddrive. It’s amazing how one kind 5 versions of the same document in 5 different locations. These tools can be used to help you track down these files and remove them. 

Just to name a few examples. For the complete article visit their site. https://www.techspot.com/article/1648-delete-duplicate-files/

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Ross’s Corner

This has been a crazy winter and hopefully we are on the final stretch. With record snowfalls we have had many a school closing and even a state of emergency. This has slowed some things down for many business owners that I have talked to with having to close down due to the weather, less traffic from customers not traveling in shop and so forth. But on the plus side, many have had some time to get a break and relax. I personally got to enjoy a couple extra days throughout some of the heavy snowfalls catching up on some of the newest case studies for potential threats and new ways to help maximize the lifecycle of hardware while working from home due to being snowed in. Thankfully summertime will be arriving soon, and I am ready for it! 

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Ross Whitmore – IT Consultant Extraordinaire 

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