According to 140,000 hard drives fail in the US each week. 29% fail by accident, 60% of SMB’s that lose their data shut down in roughly 6 months, and 58% of SMB’s are not prepared for data loss. Have you thought of what would happen to your business if you lost all of your data?

Our team at Northern Technology Services is trained in data loss prevention, and disaster planning, as well as the tools, knowledge, and software to store your data both safely on-site and in the cloud. We seem to notice that most SMB’s in northern Michigan seem to wait until it is to late to start a data backup and data loss prevention plan, we want to help you make sure you fully understand the benefits that come with an investment into Data Backup.

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Data backup is worth the investment, if your business relies on keeping your data readily available. From Restaurants, to Law Firms, Retail Stores, to Medical Offices. The math adds up and loss of data could cost you thousands of dollars or even your business as a whole. With the right data backup plan, our team at Northern Technology Services can provide you a low cost investment that could save you in the long run. The old saying, in case of emergency break glass here. Our data backup solutions are your fire extinguisher. Don’t let disaster get you down.