Powerful, Secure, Intelligent, Data Backup Solution

Why Olympus Backup?

All data is valuable for businesses. It’s a treasure trove of information. Problem is, they are drowning in it. Olympus provides a lifeline. By using artificial intelligence, Olympus Backup provides companies with a unique approach to backup, analyze and organize their data.

  • Entirely cloud based – using multiple data centers throughout the U.S.

  • Any number of devices – desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices

  • Single sign-in – connect SaaS such as Dropbox and Google Drive

  • Disaster recovery – your files are there when you need them

  • Access from anywhere – use your desktop or share files from your mobile device with our Cosmic Cloud app.

  • Near Real-time backups – backups run as little as every 5 minutes

Let us create an Olympus Backup solution for you

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Olympus is not only intelligent, but also is affordable and designed to grow with your business. You pay for the storage space you use, with no cost to retrieve files. we do this by leveraging over 5PB+ of AWS storage space.