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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Is your business data protected?
In Case of Emergency, Break Glass?

Your business data is one of your most valuable assets. Are you equipped with the proper tools and training to keep it safe guarded from catastrophe?

On-Site Backup

Some times an on-site solution is the answer. Using server systems we are able to provide you with a physical on location solution to hold your information safe.

Cloud Backup

On-Site Solutions are great, but with advances in technology Cloud Backup has gotten faster and more reliable then before. Also the best way to ensure your business information is always protected.

Data Protection

Not only does having a data backup help save your information from any physical failures or harm. It also helps decrease downtime in case of a cyber-attack such as a Ransomware attack

In today's age, simply backing up your data just is not enough!
Disaster Recovery Planning is an integral part of any business's IT strategy
and is becoming more prevalent as security breaches and network outages have become common threats.
Our Solution is SIMPLE
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This is what Northern Technology Services can do for your business as your Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Planners
Decrease of Your Downtime Using Dedicated Response Times and Planning
24/7/365 Data Security and Monitoring to Ensure Your Business Data is Safe and Protected
Reduce of Human Error Using Specialized Software and Providing Training to Your Staff

Providing You, Peace of Mind

Our team is trained and equipped to protect your business data. With our solutions you can rest easily knowing that your information is safe and secure from catastrophic failure