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Backup, Secure, and Restore Your Data on Demand

In case of emergency break glass right? If catastrophe strikes your business, we are here to help prevent a data loss disaster! Let us introduce you to Secure Cloud.
When it comes to data-backup we understand, sometimes it gets overlooked. But imagine the day you walk into your office and learn your PC Hard-Drive failed overnight causing you to lose all of your business data..... 
Sounds horrible doesn't it! 
Our team at Northern Technology Services is ready to provide you a piece of mind. With multiple options to ensure your data is always available in case of disaster.

Monitored & Secured


Decrease Downtime

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On-Site Backup Servers

The original concept in Data-Backup. Installing a dedicated server in your location connected to your network. This gives you local access to your data. Useful for quick file recovery, and local image backups in case your workstations fail. Often your first line of defense when disaster strikes!
Our team is trained and equipped to protect your business data and ensure your server is maintained and monitored 24/7/365. 
Custom Cloud Solution

We don't resell a solution, we created our solution. 

After searching high and low for the best option to provide to our partners there was really nothing on the market. With research and dedication we designed and implemented our Secure Cloud solution. With a low maintenance cost per GB of data stored, ability to restore to bare metal, as well as implement a Virtual Image for those times when you can't wait for a download restore. 
Decreased Downtime With Our Managed Backup
Our Cost VS Competitors
Ability to Reduce Human Error With Our Training
Uptime and Security Guarantee of Your Data

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