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Cut out your old phone equipment and provider! 

From just a simple phone number for your customers to call, to a complete hosted PBX with multiple extensions!
Some of our Great Features
  1. Reliable

  2. Minimal Upfront Costs

  3. Grows With Your Business

  4. Traditional Business Phone Features

  5. No Costs Long Distance/Toll Free Calling

  6. Tons of Additional Free Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this like ATT, or Charter?

This is completely different! Unlike traditional phone and VOIP providers, our phone services bundle in a complete online interface that gives your phones a full business interface. Including things like, Voicemail to Email, Internet Fax, Customer Relationship Management, and much more! 

How does this compare to on-premise PBX

On premise PBX systems cost from $2000-$4000 for just the control box sitting in your backroom, require on going maintenance, and often get discontinued. All while you pay your phone bill to the other guys. Our phone services, take all those features, and keep them updated and hosted online so you never have to worry about expensive equipment and you get your phone service as well!

How much does this cost?

Our phone services start at $39.99, with just 5% E911 fee.  Every business needs a different level of service depending on how many extensions they need, phone numbers, etc. The only upfront expense is the cost of the phones to put on your desk. Did we mention no hidden fees, Local/Long distance and Toll Free Calling are all included in what you pay!

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